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When concept and illustration blend together, exciting things happen

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

The client was IBM Lexmark. The assignment was the production of a brochure for their business office printers. As art director my role was to work with a writer partner to create a concept, visualize it for approval, then manage creation of the materials.

The writer and I brainstormed. Thinking about the printer's paper management capabilities led me to the work of a paper sculpture illustrator I was familiar with. The writer came up with the line, "Don't let your printer turn into a paper tiger" and we were off to the races.

Lexmark approved the concept. I contacted the illustrator and showed him the layouts. After some back and forth, he executed the finish.

The finished brochure

The illustrator created the paper tiger for the cover and back cover. He built the "Roar" for the inside spread. I photographed business materials which we turned into a 3 dimensional pop-up explosion.

The marketing product exceeded its sales goals. It was a joy to work with a client with the vision...and budget to produce something extraordinary. It was a thrill to work with a writer and talented illustrator to create a winning concept and carry it though to completion. When it all comes together, great things happen.

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